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Root Cause Live is pleased to offer a number of different advertising packages.  Advertisements run a minimum of 1 month.

Each of the following advertising packages comes with 3 rotating banners, allowing the advertiser to say as much as desired.  The only exception to the "3 rotating banner rule" is in our Yellow Page Ads, where the small ads are static (the large ones offer the 3 rotating banners).

Live Forum Advertiser:  The "pulse" of Root Cause LIVE is the LIVE Forum!  The forum is what keeps members interested.  That's why we feature it on our home page.  By advertising on the LIVE Forum, you'll get double coverage on our home page, consisting of both a 350 by 70 pixel top-of-the-home-page "banner ad" and a 160 by 120 pixel rectangular "forum advertiser ad."  We consider this choice our premier ad location.
Challenge Advertiser:  Show-off your confidence and advertise on the "Root Off" or "Investigator's Dilemma" Challenges.  This package includes a 160 by 120 pixel rectangular "challenge advertiser" ad on the home page, and a 350 by 70 pixel top-of-the-page "banner ad" on your chosen page.   
Learning Curve Seminar Advertiser:  Destined to be one of our largest draws, people will see your company information every time they look at our seminar offerings.  This package includes a 160 by 120 pixel rectangular "Learning Curve Advertiser" ad on the home page, and a 350 by 70 pixel top-of-the-page "banner ad" on the Learning Curve's Table of Contents page.
Book Review Advertiser:  Consider advertising in the Book Review area, especially when YOUR book is being reviewed!  Get your company's name out in front of people interested in industry products.  Includes a 160 by 120 pixel "book review advertiser" ad on the home page, and a 350 by 70 pixel "banner ad" on the Monthly Book Review page. 
Books / Software Advertiser:  Most site visitors will see your banner when you advertise in this area, because most visitors will be looking at this page.  Includes a 350 by 70 pixel "banner ad" on either the book or software listing pages.
YELLOW PAGE Advertiser:  You'll definitely want to be part of the first industry directory of it's kind.  Though free "text ads" are available to all providers, you may want to "say more" with a custom ad we create or with your own ad.  Either way, 2 sizes of "banner ads" are available:  350 by 70, or 160 by 120.
The "DID YOU KNOW" Newsletter:  A monthly newsletter designed to let people know about your uniqueness, your new products and services, or simply a personal tidbit that will help others remember you.  Whereas all other advertising options are banner-based, this one is text-based -- allowing you to express yourself a bit differently.  Hyperlinks to your site are included in this newsletter!
Sponsorship Packages
We make a distinction between advertising and sponsorship.  Whereas advertisements are your attempt at promoting a service or product, sponsorship is a declaration that you see VALUE in this web site and that you are willing to financially support it.

Sponsors can include Corporations, Sites, or Individuals.  We have suggested Annual Sponsorship Packages for each of these entities.  ALL sponsors, regardless of type, will be listed on our Home Page.  We thank you in advance for helping to Sponsor this web site.  

Corporate Sponsor:  Corporations wishing to sponsor this web site site will be honored with a 160 by 120 pixel banner on our Table of Contents, which appears on ALL pages.
Site Sponsor:  Local corporate sites that wish to sponsor this web site independent of their corporate offices will be honored with a 160 by 120 banner on the right column of our Home Page.  
Individual Sponsor:  Individuals wishing to sponsor this web site will be individually-listed on the right column of our home page.

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